The Sun and Moon: The Importance of The Lights in Astrology

The Sun

In astrology, the Sun represents our basic characteristics. The Sun also symbolizes the basic path and goal that embodies what we are trying to become in this lifetime. In a nutshell, it’s who we are as well as who we are meant to be.

The Sun is our will, our vitality and creative force as well as the planet that represents the masculine principle, or yang energy in our horoscope. In addition, it reflects the attitude towards one’s own father as well as authority figures.

Keywords for the Sun are:

* Life
* Heart
* Will
* Vitality
* Father
* Essence
* Creation
* Spirit
* Consciousness
* Development
* Identity

The sign our Sun is in at birth will explain more specifically the traits our essence will embody as it moves forward to learn all of its life lessons. It will be useful to take the list of keywords for each planet and combine them with keywords for each sign in order to begin interpreting your chart for yourself.

As an example, if we take the keyword “Creation” for Sun and apply it to someone with the Sun in Aries, one can say that the goal of someone with the Sun in Aries is “Creation” of the “Self” (an Aries keyword). It can be great fun to mix and match these lists of keywords and see how easy it can be for the language of astrology to clarify itself.

The Moon

In astrology, the Moon represents our inner nature and feeling, instinctive side. Whereas the Sun is the external, masculine portion of us, the Moon is the internal, feminine side, or yin principle.

The Moon indicates what you will spontaneously react to at a most visceral level. It is our memories and home; it is our soul. Here is where our unconscious powers are stored and within our reach.

The Moon represents our mother and will indicate what we need to make us feel most “at home” in our lives.
Keywords for the Moon are:

* Feeling
* Soul
* Instinct
* Mother
* Security
* Fertility
* Home
* Moods
* Feminine
* Impressionability
* Sixth Sense

If we stick to our example of using the sign Aries, but now apply it to one of the keywords for the Moon, we can see that someone with the Moon in Aries at birth will have the “Instinct” to “lead” (another Aries keyword”.

The differences between someone with a Sun in Aries vs. a Moon in Aries are indeed subtle. Both will be passionate and courageous, spontaneous individuals. However, the person with the Sun in Aries is learning to become all of these things and may have difficulty in easily embracing them while the person with the Moon in Aries does not have to work at cultivating these qualities for they are already at the soul level of who that person is. See the difference now?

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