An Introduction to the Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

This article provides an overview of the main qualities inherent in each of the three earth signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Astrological Elements at Insightful Astrology - EARTHTaurus – Fixed Earth – Ruled by Venus – Rules the 2nd house

Taurus is the builder of the zodiac – giving form and structure to what is created. Producing something of lasting beauty and value is a goal toward which Taurus constantly strives to achieve.

A fixed sign, Taurus remains focused. Being an earth sign, Taurus’ goals must be achieved in a physical realm – dreaming about something isn’t for a Taurus – he must make something manifest.

Because of the combination of fixed earth, Taurus is the sign that carries with it the greatest amount of inertia. Try moving a mountain – this is Taurus! On the other hand, once a giant boulder begins to roll and forms its inertia, try to stop it! His powerful direction can go either way: from narrow-minded stubbornness, even laziness, to unstoppable solid power.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is sensual and the sign of the zodiac most in tune with the physical senses. Taurus is vast in its creative potential as well thanks to the combination of being ruled by the planet of artistic pleasure, combined with the earthly ability to bring physical form to art. It is also concerned with the question of building self-worth and natural talents and abilities. Self-worth for a Taurus is based on what structure it can bring to those talents.

Perhaps no other sign is more loyal and dependable than Taurus, but there is a major lesson for this sign to learn: that which is physical is temporary. Taurus needs to understand that which he cannot see, cannot put form to, very much exists. True worth coming from within is a Taurus lesson as well and when Taurus doesn’t learn these lessons, he can become so bogged down in the material world that it becomes all he can ever see.

Virgo – Mutable Earth – Ruled by Mercury – Rules the 6th house

Virgo is the sign most concerned with service. Defined by a strong sense of duty and need to put others before himself; Virgos are often called the “caretakers” of the zodiac.

A mutable sign, Virgo is highly adaptable to his surroundings and deeply connected to the meaning of versatility in human nature. Being an earth sign, Virgo practices his changeable nature in physical surroundings and it is a well known fact that Virgos never shy away from work!

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo is a highly intellectual sign, possessing a mind capable of great mental awareness and combined with the practicality of earth, his attention to detail is unsurpassed. Discriminating in nature, Virgo is keenly aware of what it takes to achieve perfection. Indeed, he seeks this perfection within himself as well as everyone around him.

The lesson for Virgo is to learn the boundaries of criticism and discrimination. Perfection is not the ultimate destination; it is the journey towards striving for perfection that Virgo must learn to enjoy.

Capricorn – Cardinal Earth – Ruled by Saturn – Rules the 10th house

Capricorn is the sign most concerned with authority, power and lessons of balancing responsibility. Capricorn is authority and represents the slow, steady climb towards achievement.

Being a cardinal sign, Capricorn is quite ambitious – a real self-starter! As with other cardinal signs, Capricorn is concerned very much with the construct of identity and in this sign identity is achieved through career, status and recognition.

Combined with being an earth sign, this leads Capricorn on a tangible search for identity and he actively seeks to make his physical mark on the world through achievement.

Ruled by Saturn, we find that Capricorn can be a very serious sign – sometimes all work and no play! They are capable of hard, dedicated work and never seem to get anything the easy way. Capricorn works for everything he accomplishes. There is a deep respect for authority as well as a deep desire to BE the authority figure with Capricorn.

The lesson for Capricorn is learning to relax. It is often said that the older a Capricorn gets, the younger he becomes. This is because after Capricorn has spent years working towards his achievements, he learns that it is okay to kick back and enjoy life a little.

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