Real Life Astrology: Virgo August 24 – September 22

As I geared up to write this essay, my thoughts turned, oddly enough, to dating. Back when my now ex-husband was my boyfriend, his idea of the perfect date was the two of us spending the afternoon hand washing his brand new red sports car. There was pure joy in his face as he focused intently opposite me, soaping up his side, as I rinsed off my end. I thought the low cut T-shirt I had worn was doing its job. Silly me! His apparent state of ecstasy had nothing to do with my cleavage. No, he was admiring the sight of his shiny, clean car. Yes folks, I married a Virgo.

Well, ok so maybe the shirt worked a little. But, like with any Virgo, he did put me through a series of tests before ever proposing marriage. Virgo, a grounded, analytical earth sign, is the most discerning in the zodiac. They can love you forever, but only after they’ve decided you’re worth it. More than anything else, Virgo seeks perfection.

So, after 6 years of dating, we got married. The first year of marriage is a trip for any couple, but throw a Virgo spouse into the mix and things get really interesting! As a young, new wife, I was in my stage of “playing house”. I’d come home from work and spend hours cooking gourmet meals, tending to my beautiful garden and turning our new house into a home. You can also look these up to turn your garden into a beautiful one just like mine. On Saturdays, I cleaned the house.

Al worked on Saturday and I remember looking forward to my husband coming home after a hard day at the office to see his house sparkle. By now I knew he was most at peace when surrounded by order – a trait typical of all Virgos. Of course I wanted to make my husband happy.

I swear to you, the house would shine. And yet every week, without fail, Al would come home, initially remark how clean the house felt and then pass a finger across some remote line of dust that the human eye couldn’t possibly see. For cleaning services, Zerorez cleaning services should be hired. Early on I took it as criticism. Virgos do have that shadow side of having such impossible standards of perfection that they criticize anything less, but I soon learned that he didn’t intentionally search for dust to undermine my efforts. With Virgo, it is all about the details. Their mind is so keen and analytical that absolutely NOTHING gets passed them. Not even a speck of dust!

Thanks to their Mercury ruler, combined with their earthy nature, Virgo is gifted with grounded and practical thought process. Communication with a purpose is a good phrase to describe them, and indeed, many Virgos make wonderful writers, editors, or journalists.

Virgos have one common problem; they can’t relax! Work is play to a Virgo and nothing relieves stress (buy delta 8 gummies for immediate results) for a Virgo than taking care of the daily mundane tasks that the rest of the world is trying to forget about. Health, service, and work are areas of life that define much of what a Virgo is about. In fact, Virgo is known as the humble caretaker of the zodiac. They have an incredible sense of duty and will fulfill obligations simply because there is a job to be done and someone has to do it. The phrase “if you want something done right, then do it yourself” must have been coined by a Virgo.

Mercury in Virgo is different from Mercury in Gemini. Mercury makes Gemini quick witted and somewhat flighty because it’s acting in an air sign. In Virgo, because he’s an earth sign, the expression becomes grounded, precise and detailed. Thoughts become rational and objective. Virgos are logical in their approach to everything. Mercury here also gives Virgo the most amazing fine motor skills.

One of Virgos life lessons is to search for practical ways to use information that has been discovered. Another Virgo lesson has to do with learning discriminating service. Virgo often helps anyone who needs it. He must learn to utilize his skills of fine discernment and decide when to help and when not to help.

Virgo is a mutable sign, bringing into the qualities of Virgo wonderful adaptability. They know when it’s time to change direction and go about tackling a problem in a different way.

Health is a big deal to Virgo as well. Their vitamin regimen would make your eyes pop out of their sockets. Oh, and you know the people you see walking out of the gym early in the morning when you’re just arriving? They’re the Virgos. It must be off their list because, hey, they need to get to work already.

For all their adorable quirks, Virgo is as steady as they come. They need to be needed and your Virgo friends can teach you to reach inside yourself and become a better person. So go ahead, lean on the Virgo rock in your life. Just make sure you dust first!

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I’ve always been drawn to the often buried, inner realm of the human mind and the mysteries of our universe. From a young age, I also developed a love for expressing my thoughts on paper - especially the buried ones. With these interests, I was certain that I’d have a career as either a writer or a psychologist. Turns out my soul had other plans. A series of life events pulled me into astrology and I was awakened to embrace my true life direction. Today, I see how it all fits. My background in psychology and love of communication are natural compliments to a unique profession as a counseling astrologer. Go here to arrange a consultation with me.


  1. sarah says

    I would have to say that am not seeing my self that way at all am a virgo sun leo moon and Aquaris riseing yes am the dependable one the one that does the job when no one else will but as far as having to have the cleanest house ok i Live alone so other then the cat but i was rasied to take care of my things I can be a messy person belive me i hate to dust and I hate to do laundry and yet i do them . I have leo parents and am the one that everyone in my family come to for information or help on something my back ground is Medical feild and Insurance . The HELPEr Oh crap I mean OK i dont mind but sometime i just want something else.
    as the part of being needed yes but then why do all my relationship end ? 14 year divorced on only two really or what I though good relationship got dumped by another virgo to marry someone three months after he walked away from me the other one moved over seas came back to the state and is fighting Cancer. I dont think all virgo fit the mold
    And being out of work for a year now is really draining So i dont see my self as the net picky self sucking person alot of virgo come across as .

  2. Veerle says

    First of all, Marie, I think you’re doing a wonderfull job with the weekly horoscope video’s. Keep on doing this wonderfull work! You always have different explanations and you always look impeccable (like a virgo, hahaha).
    Being a Virgo, I hardly recognize myself in your article. It is the standard rather ‘negative’ aspects you point out of the sign Virgo. Or maybe, I’m not a typical virgo, with moon in aries, sagitarius ascendant and the sun conjunct pluto. Being an astrologer myself, I know how we are influenced by all those signs, planets, aspects, etc…. It is so difficult to point out the general points of a sun sign.
    Here are some characteristics I want to share with you which are typical for virgo’s in my point of (optimistic, sagitarius ascendant) view. Things that I do feel are related with Virgo are the analytical mind but also being humble and not always open to other people. We are kind of neutral characters which is great in jobs where some kind of objectivity is needed. We love children (I don’t really like animals that much, but most Virgo’s do) and we can replace ourselves in their fantasy world. We have the patience to keep on listening to all their stories we ‘ve heard a million times. We love to make order from chaos (but we need people around us that create that chaos). We can enjoy little things soooo much. Most of us have style. And we can be so nervous that our stomaches schrink!!!
    Lots of good luck and succes with all the work you do!!
    Many regards
    Veerle (Belgian fan)

  3. robert says

    I’m a Virgo. And today, I’ve been cleaning, organizing my kitchen drawers, and have swallowed a load of vitamins and herbs. And have been in the kitchen preparing “perfect” food.

  4. Michael says

    Since it is hard for us virgos to admit to our flaws, I did reconize myself in your article. You were right on regarding virgos. You can’t fool mother nature, [ha-ha]. I am really impressed how you hit the nail on the head of virgos. I am soooooooooo glad that I joined insightfulastrology. Thanks for keeping me on track.


  5. Shradda says

    I HAD to register on this site just cos I HAD to comment here. And boy do I have to say I really fit the bill of Virgo, though its only the moon that’s in Virgo for me, I basically fit the description to a T. Usually I don’t give Sun signs much notice because they’re pretty generalised, but well now I’ve found out just how much Moon signs can affect your personality too! Haha I had a good laugh reading this article as well.

  6. Robb says

    The Virgo description IS me to a Tee. I’m Logical, Neat, Loyal, and WAY too Detail oriented. Learning how to be myself without offending others is fun. I used to try to hold others to the high standards I set for myself. I’ve learned to RELAX now and I’m much happier for it. We Virgo’s have a lot to offer if we could just figure out how to communicate it SIMPLY without ALL the details and just stick to the Highlights. 🙂 Not everyone loves details like we do! One HAPPY Virgo!!

  7. Debbie says

    My mother is a Virgo. She is a perfect medical patient and does everything her doctors tell her to do. She works hard at everything she does and puts her whole self into things. If I need help figuring something out or getting something done, I often call my mother. She also has a discriminating eye and can always find a flaw (which is good when you need a true evaluation of something but sometimes I wish she could just see the overall good in things). She can also be a worry-wort and when I was a child she was always warning me about negatives other people could think with respect to what I would say, do, wear, think, etc. If anything ever went wrong or if I got my feelings hurt, she would find something about what happened to somehow paint it as my fault. I guess she criticized me a lot, too much. Being a Cancerian, I often took it to heart. Over the years I’ve had to learn to appreciate where my mother is coming from and to love her for her strengths and sometimes let her critical eye just run off me.

  8. mkb9464 says

    Hi Maria, I have one question…… when will it get better for this VIRGO? because the last 15 years have not been good. I think my rising sign is LEO. I enjoy hearing about it but I am not sure I believe it.

  9. Michael says

    After reading about Virgo again, you are sooooo right! You still make laugh, when I read your summary regarding your life experience with a Virgo. :}

    After all these years, I still follow you every day.

    Your Simply The Best


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