Real Life Astrology: Scorpio October 23rd -November 21st

Scorpios used to unnerve me. And I was convinced that every Scorpio in the universe felt the same way around me. I know, I know, what strong words from the gentle astrologer – but hey, I’m an honest gal. So do you want to know what it was about this intense, magnetic, water sign that used to send me reeling? Are you sure? I’m warning you…this is deep.

Scorpio, more than any other sign in the zodiac, can see right through a person. Immediately, and without blinking, they seem to know your every motivation, secret and purpose. You can tell from their eyes – always penetrating and full of intense power. There’s a knowing of what we so desperately try to keep hidden. They don’t even have to try. So, quite honestly, it used to give me the creeps.

Over the years, I’ve learned that because of the natural polarity between Scorpio and my own Sun sign, Taurus, the reason I used to feel uncomfortable around Scorpio was because being around my opposite sign challenged me to deal with my own hidden nature. Through Scorpio, I’m forced to probe deep into my own soul and my own agenda.

Through Scorpio, I’m cornered into confronting my personal power. I am exposed. To some extent, this is true of anyone who encounters Scorpio. Does it scare you as well? As you can imagine, being young and confronted with such intensity could easily make someone fearful. And so, not yet understanding astrology, I “labeled” Scorpio as my least favorite sign. If I only knew then how much alike we really are…

The Scorpios that were in my life early on seemed to avoid me – they couldn’t even look me in the eyes. Now I realize the reason for this. While it’s true that Scorpio can see through every sign in the zodiac, Scorpio’s opposite sign, Taurus, can see right through Scorpio. And most of the time, Scorpio doesn’t like it one bit!

Ruled by Pluto, planet of the underworld, sex, death and transformative rebirth, and co-ruled by Mars, planet of energy and assertion, there is an interesting phenomenon that occurs. Tremendous energy, will and determination, no doubt, but it’s often under the surface. Still, this sign is capable of absolutely anything. He can use his tremendous power in one of two ways, and this is what separates the more evolved Scorpio from the less evolved.

The less evolved Scorpio will be jealous, sneaky, paranoid and underhanded. He can be the most deceitful, resentful, and unforgiving sign of the zodiac. Scorpio is the one who will cut you off from his life if you hurt him, and never look back. He is the one who will seek revenge. At his worst, a less evolved Scorpio can be a criminal, or he can simply live a life in self-destructive mode.

I’m happy to report however, that, while glimpses of these qualities might creep into Scorpios life, the vast majority seem to be much more evolved, living out their Scorpio lessons at a higher vibration. And it is these Scorpio types I think we are all most fascinated with. They have learned to use their astounding power and strategic intelligence for the good of humanity. These are the Scorpios that can take one look at us, and, instead of making us cringe, actually heal our soul.

Scorpio is a sign ruled by desire. This can be physical, sexual, personal or business. Scorpio has a jealous and obsessive streak as well so if you fall in love with a Scorpio, be prepared for nothing short of complete intensity!

My brother in law, Jason, born November 12th, is a great example of a Scorpio who loves with such passion. You can say that he has a bit of a jealous streak. For two years in a row, at a company Christmas party, he seemed to interpret another gentleman talking to my sister not as innocent conversation, but as this man trying to “pick up” his wife. Let’s just say things got a little ugly – okay a lot ugly. When a Scorpio feels threatened, that stinger can really hurt! My sister, thank goodness, is also a water sign, so she innately understands the intensity of Jason’s emotions. I’m not so sure the man on the receiving end of Jay’s fist had the same perspective.

I actually consider Jason to be a much evolved Scorpio despite his jealous streak. Scorpio often chooses very challenging life circumstances and my brother-in-law has risen from the ashes of a life filled with deeply personal and transforming lessons that I would never discuss. Scorpios are quite protective of their privacy.

Often, Scorpios talents encompass spiritual and mysterious realms. Take my dear friend Pam, born November 15th. This woman has single-handedly created a phenomenally popular spiritual website that has attracted thousand to view and become part of a community where likeminded spiritual people seek to learn about, and uncover their own hidden spiritual talents.

Pam is classic Scorpio in the way she helps others develop their own talents and abilities – specifically spiritual and metaphysical. I know for sure that Pam is one of the more evolved Scorpios. She too, has chosen a life of great challenge and power struggles, but she is also full of honest compassion and integrity. And, when she visited New York and spent a day with me at my home, we had no problem looking into each other’s eyes. She seemed comfortable and eager to explore everything hidden with me.

So, now that I’ve gotten a bit older, and confronted my Scorpio fears, this is a sign I embrace. Thank goodness, because Scorpio, once they confront their own lessons of power and transformation, have unparalleled ability to help transform all of us into better people. Just remember never to reveal their secrets!

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I’ve always been drawn to the often buried, inner realm of the human mind and the mysteries of our universe. From a young age, I also developed a love for expressing my thoughts on paper - especially the buried ones. With these interests, I was certain that I’d have a career as either a writer or a psychologist. Turns out my soul had other plans. A series of life events pulled me into astrology and I was awakened to embrace my true life direction. Today, I see how it all fits. My background in psychology and love of communication are natural compliments to a unique profession as a counseling astrologer. Go here to arrange a consultation with me.


  1. Gayle says

    Nice read! I am a Scorpio as well, born on November 5th, and I had to read what you had to say about Scorps. I do believe I am one of those more highly evolved rather than the first that you described!

  2. Manda says

    I am curious to know if the essays pertain to Rising Signs also? I am an Aries sun, Scorpio Rising, and a Pisces moon, which is why I felt what you meant by the seeing through people, having a Pisces moon also adds with knowing peoples emotions as well. Good read, indeed.

  3. Debbie says

    Almost every Scorpio female friend I’ve had has been very intelligent and initially very fun to be around, but later becomes secretive, gets into competition with me, holds grudges over minor things and will suddenly stop talking to me for long periods of time for reasons unknown. I’ve learned that in order to maintain a relationship with Scorpios I have to make an effort to keep everything on the light side.

  4. Christine says

    very nice. Like Manda, I am also an Aries sun, Scorpio Rising, and a Pisces moon. I never hold grudges over minor things, because hey! Nothing is ever minor. 😉

  5. patrickc says


    I’m a male Scorpio and I’d like to give you some insight from what I’ve observed of my own behavior of backing out of a relationship. Of course, I can’t say this goes for everyone or the person you’re talking about. But here’s a scenario of how I’ve backed out from some friendships or didn’t stay in touch as often. (I also consider myself to be an highly evolved type)

    I’m currently 19 years old and not attending any schools post grad(yet). This goes to say I haven’t met the numerous amounts of people that have similar interests and personality traits as I that are out there. Despite that, I still make friends through ones I already have. Using one as an example(Sheri – Pisces), when we met I had my outgoing and fun personality on. Over time I showed some of my other sides in addition to being fun and what not. When we hung out it was mainly in the same small group of 4. We all got to know each other pretty well. So, it’d seem and may have appeared that way for the other 3. But for me I still felt distant, and that there were other people out there I could connect with better. I felt I was more mature and had more understanding of life and people, which they didn’t seem to have a brace on as much. If they did, I would most likely be closer to them.

    Anyway, over time I tended not to maintain the relationship with some of them as much as I used to because of this. Because they weren’t the type of people I know that are out there and wish to know. I gradually became less interested in spending my time with them because I couldn’t help feel bad that there were all these things I’d like to say and ways I’d like to behave, but I knew they wouldn’t understand. I suppose you could say given their age, some of them were a year or two younger and one was still in high school, they may not have matured to the degree I have. That’s only one variable that I might use to justify the lack of connection I felt. There were also points when I tried to hang out with just Sheri and she either blew it off someway or when she did say she wanted to hang out I responded with a txt saying it’d need to be later in the night because of so and so. I never heard back from her, and I guess you could account that as the time when I held a grudge. I prefer people to be honest and tell me if they’re not feeling up to something and what not, rather than ignore me. That was the last time we’ve communicated to each other.

    I have theory as to why she may not have wanted to be with just me, and not the group. It may have been too much for her to handle emotionally (back to me trying to understand Pisces, and she said she was very emotional). Being the awesome person that I am and the friendships I’m capable of building, she may have wished that there was more between us. She seemed to be this way with different people we hung out with as well. Maybe thinking something was there when it wasn’t, desiring to be with them. So, me knowing the type of person I’m interested in, distanced myself in certain aspects to not give off the wrong impression. I don’t know exactly about “distanced”, but I didn’t exactly go any further than imposing I only wanted friendship. She seeing this, may not have wanted to burden herself with her emotions by hanging out with just me knowing I’m genuine and interesting, but in the end knew I wasn’t equally interested in her. This whole thing wasn’t something I initially thought about, but after consuming certain “substances” that enhanced my insight, I was able to see the scenario differently. It could be hogwash, but at the same time it doesn’t stray far as a possibility.

    I know I may have got side tracked or that the last paragraph may be irrelevant but I thought I’d include it as something interesting to read. Anyway, like I said this may not(I’d assume isn’t) be exactly what has occurred in your case with your friend. But regardless, I thought I’d share my experience with similarly “backing out” of a relationship and the thought processes I had doing so.

  6. Myles Bracey says

    Any scorp that gets jealous has not evolved into the phoenix because they would be to happy with themselves and there partner(s) but get why you would fear us we are the badasses of the zodiac 😉

  7. Jane sullivan says

    I am a Scorpio Sun and so is my boyfriend. We have been together a year and have never argued, however, we had a small disagreement 3 weeks ago and he left my house angry. he has ignored my calls, texts etc since then, not one word. I have apologised and asked for us to sort it out but he gas ignored everything. We have made so many future plans with each other I feel shocked and sad that he has behaved like this to me. He tells me he loves me and misses me when he doesn’t see me at times. Can anyone advise me please?

  8. Darlene Dodson says

    Maria as you know Scorpio’s wear many scars, I have been all of those things explained in my younger years, but now I don’t want the superficial and shallow realtionships (friends or lovers)in my life. Time I have found changes you and your perspections in life and that the pain evolves us into being the phoenix (one who soars alone). I am a very deep and penetrating individual as I know not everyone can handle the depths of my soul, but have found I wouldn’t be happy with those type of individuals anyway. What I am finding since I had a great teacher, is that I am surrounded by people, that are close to me, have a lot of Gemini energy as long as they have evolved and have left their forked tongues behind. I also find alot of Aries energy in my friends charts as I like the ambition they show, maybe these two signs are teaching me to be a little less cautious. We all want to be evolved, but evolution of the soul and truly seeing is a life long process.

  9. diane mele - sedlmeir says

    I am a scorp born on November 17th. I like me… I have a very light sense of humor and
    have a drive that can run with the fastest if I believe in what I am pusuing and see
    the “good” in it. I am an accomplished adult, have wonderful kids and I just completed my
    MBA degree.
    I am very loyal to those I consider my friends, and my employer. On the other hand, I have
    a problem keeping long term relationships, I engross myself in my family and studies but
    for friends I just lose interest, and feel it’s too much to maintain the relationship. I don’t
    like facebook because I feel pretty much if I don’t/didn’t maintain a relationship with you I
    have no interst in maintaining one and won’t try to kid you to think otherwise.
    I find that the men from my past have almost all been Virgo’s, and my husband of 14 years
    is also a Virgo. Once had a scorpio boyfriend that one day we just never talked again,
    after dating for one year and one to many head games. I like to be pursued and sort after
    by my lover and won’t settle for less. I demand to be treated as number one, because I
    will always make him feel that he is number one, and god help him if he doesn’t reciprocate.

    I love to make something out of nothing and won’t stop until I’ve created something that
    can be looked upon as outstanding. My motto is “what you see is what you get, and if you
    don’t like it, it’s not getting any better, at least not for YOU… Go Scorpios!

  10. Sarah Moon says

    I enjoyed your honesty about your fear of the Scorpio. I am a Scorpio – Nov. 15, 1963, at 8:03 am. I have used the free chart drawing tool which revealed the very same chart as I paid to have done. It’s quite amazing, I must say, for I am Scorpio: Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Neptune ( and whatever a circle with an x in means). I am Saggitarius: Venus, Mars, and Rising. I am Virgo: Uranus, Pluto and Midheaven.
    As it was explained to me by another astrologer, This very well could be my last incarnation. I sure hope so – I really have learned so much in my incarnated lives that I much prefer to exist in my spiritual form!
    I have personally experienced the fearful reaction of people, throughout my life. It’s hurtful on one level and quite exciting on another. As a very evolved Scorpio, my motto is all about helping others to help themselves, showing compassion and understanding, IF they reveal themselves to me, knowingly.
    This past two years has been probably the most challenging for me personally, as it has been challenging to most everyone. I seek the truth at all times, and I wait in wonder for what the Universe reveals to me. I have been a sensative since I was very young and overly sensative just as long. Give me some feedback – anyone!

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