The Sun and Relationship Astrology Synastry: Art of Examining Birth Charts in Relationships

Where and how the love of your life lights up your life: how to compare your Sun sign with someone else’s.

Where another person’s Sun falls in your own natal chart (energy blueprint) will tell you where that person is most likely to light up your life.

Their Sun in Your 1st house –

This overlay extends an instant approval of the person. We feel that the person will be very much like us, with a similar approach to life. There is a sense that we can easily express who we are around this person, in the most natural, uninhibited way.

Their Sun in Your 2nd house –

There is a feeling that the Sun person is instrumental towards you obtaining what you want. There is also the possibility that the Sun person wants to “acquire” or “own” the house person. Values play a central part in this relationship.

Their Sun in Your 3rd house –

The Sun person will bring out the talker in the house person! The house person senses that the Sun person can teach him something significant. There should be a general harmony. A link such as this will protect a relationship; keeping it free from the usual hassles and misunderstandings.

Their Sun in Your 4th house –

The Sun person will instantly feel like one of “your people”. It’s as if this person’s energy can connect with your very soul. In many ways the energy of the Sun person makes you feel at home with yourself and this person has the potential to bring great energy to your domestic/family situation.

Their Sun in Your 5th house –

No matter what type of relationship this is, you will immediately feel pleasure associated with this person. A sense of fun and beauty is often attributed to those whose Sun falls into your 5th house. This person’s solar energy draws out the desire for you to give love.

Their Sun in Your 6th house –

With this overlay, the Sun person’s ego needs are placed in the background – in the name of service. The house person may feel that the Sun person “owes” them a service and indeed this may be true. The Sun person will want to serve and care for the house person.

Their Sun in Your 7th house –

This overlay will evoke a deep and potentially transforming response for both the Sun and house person. In relating to others we are not seeking a carbon copy of ourselves; rather we are seeking that which complements us through polarity. It is as if two missing pieces of a puzzle are united.

Their Sun in Your 8th house –

The Sun person will touch the buried parts of the house person in profound ways, and forces the house person to confront his own dark side. If this is a romantic relationship, the house person will be powerfully attracted to the Sun person – perhaps obsessively so. The house person will always perceive the Sun person as something of an enigma.

Their Sun in Your 9th house –

There can be a deep intellectual and spiritual bond based on sharing a similar framework of philosophy and values. There is a fundamental accord and this overlay will produce a result between the Sun and house person that can continue to broaden their horizons.

Their Sun in Your 10th house –

The Sun person recognizes and respects the leadership qualities of the house person and will genuinely admire him. The house person may be elevated somehow by the Sun person. Perhaps their status helps the house person come into his own leadership role.

Their Sun in Your 11th house –

The Sun person senses that the house person will share his humanitarian interests and a deep friendship may ensue. The house person is able to accept the Sun person as the individual he is and the Sun person may help the house person bring out some of his own unique individuality.

Their Sun in Your 12th house –

There can be misunderstandings and confusion in this relationship and fear of the unknown might prevent such a union from lasting. If the fear and confusion of introspection can be transcended, the Sun person is capable of shining a light on the house person’s unconscious processes in order to help him evolve spiritually.

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