An Introduction to Fire Signs Aries, Leo And Sagittarius

This article explores the qualities of each fire sign in the zodac: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.


Aries certainly wants to be first in everything, and this is as it should be. The purpose of Aries is to begin something, to pioneer, to create new life. He is full of raw, searing passion and energy and will propel this energy into the development of self.

Enthusiasm, leadership ability, and courage all describe Aries. Like the Ram it symbolizes, Aries pushes forward, aiming for its target impulsively and with the intention to conquer. Being a cardinal sign, he naturally initiates action and is concerned with developing an identity. Being a fire sign, he will express his energy dynamically and with incredible spirit. Fire also operates in the present moment, not being able to see ahead, and simply refusing to look behind.

These qualities make Aries the sign most concerned with creating and initiating individual identity, and then expressing it without limits.

Mars adds to the picture as well when we consider the warrior spirit inherent in every Aries. He will fight to the end. Mars provides focus and energy as well as drive.

With all of this amazing energy for achievement and entrepreneurial ability, comes the shadow of Aries as well. Lessons for Aries include becoming aware of others and also delaying in his gratification – in a word, patience.


Leo, as a fixed sign, maintains what has already been established. Fixed signs are also most concerned with self-worth. As a fire sign, we know Leo will be concerned with identity so when you consider the meaning of a fixed fire sign, it becomes quite clear that Leo is the sign concerned with maintaining a sense of individuality and with being able to most freely express his energy.

Being ruled by the Sun adds the quality of intense vitality to Leo. Certainly, Leo wants to be the center of attention. Their presence warms our hearts and makes us aware of our own solar energy. It is also quite true that Leo is the most generous of all signs.

Fire signs are honest and forthright, as a rule, everything about them is out there for the world to see. Leo can be as unpretentious as a child. All he wants is to be seen and recognized for who you he is. All he wants is to be appreciated and loved.

More than any other sign, Leo must learn that true self worth comes from within. He can be the original drama queen, throwing tantrums if he doesn’t get all of the attention. He also needs to learn that, unlike the Sun, the world simply doesn’t revolve around him. Once he stops relying on the approval and love of others to define his sense of self, he can shine like no other sign.


Sagittarius, a mutable sign, is the most adaptable of the fire signs. Mutable signs are responsible for finishing up what the cardinal sign begins and what the fixed sign maintains. Being ruled by the planet Jupiter, he’s constantly on a hunt for new and expansive experiences and horizons that will lead to this fulfillment and knowledge of who he is. But Sag doesn’t stop with personal truth. He has a deep need to explore universal truth and will often do this by studying philosophy or religion. He also has a great love for travel because of that naturally explorative and changeable nature.

Sagittarius exhibits fiery quality in the sense that he is quite impatient with the details and much more concerned with the big picture. His optimistic energy is contagious and he spreads warmth most easily by teaching others to hope and believe. He requires freedom to explore the world and himself.

Sagittarius is fun and fun loving. Open hearted and enthusiastic, he has much to offer the world and exudes a charisma that is larger than life. Once he learns to show compassion with charisma, he will find deep understandings of life’s truth.

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