Real Life Astrology: Aquarius – January 20th – February 18th

I have a secret to tell you about my mother. How shall I put this? She’s a little…well… there’s just no easy way to say this folks – my mom is weird. I mean this in a most loving way of course, and if you knew my mother, you’d know that she laughed her butt off when she read this column. In all her weirdness, she feels it’s the rest of US who are the strange ones. It’s no surprise that my mom, Philomena, born January 28th, has her Sun in Aquarius – the sign that revels in eccentricity and innovation.

Now that I’ve got your attention about Aquarians, allow me to elaborate. Aquarius, a fixed air sign, is ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus is all about breaking the rules, daring to go where the rest of us wouldn’t even have the vision to see and then revolutionizing itself towards its own new utopia. Thanks to Uranus, Aquarius has no qualms about being different – in fact they embrace their uniqueness and wear it as a badge of honor.

Let me give you an example. My childhood was, for the most part, the typical, traditional upbringing. Until you factored in my mother and her interests that is. In the 1970’s and early 80’s while most of the other moms were baking cookies, watching soaps and attending PTA meetings, my mother was sitting at our kitchen table with a pack of cigarettes and a pot of coffee reading all about reincarnation, angels and faith healing, and teaching herself numerology.

She used to go around the house yapping about how her eldest daughter (that’s me) might become a nun because my numbers were so spiritually inclined (no…that prediction didn’t work out folks!). When I boldly told her at age 12 that I was NOT going to join the convent, she insisted I would be some kind of spiritual healer. Back then, I’d just roll my eyes and laugh. It was just my mom, being strange as usual. But now I reconsider; was it Aquarian vision instead?

When I was 13 she became interested in the Ouija Board and would be the “cool” mother who invited mine and my sister’s friends over for board game séances. That is, until she became convinced that a spirit was trying to possess me one night and threw out the board, forbidding any of us to ever use one again. It must have been one of her Uranian flashes of insights. Or was it the eccentric unpredictable nature of Aquarius? As you can see, the line is thinly drawn and sometimes so transparent it’s impossible to know.

As far as appearances go, my mother never fit in. She was certainly an undisputed beauty by anyone’s standards (her own mother did some modeling). Yet she always walked her own path when it came to fashion or feminine mystique. One her wedding day, she wore only chapstick and has hated wearing makeup for as long as I can remember. But in typical Uranian fashion, my mother, at age 54, decided to get in touch with her feminine side and can probably be found at a local nail salon near you. The lesson here is that you can NEVER tell what an Aquarian will do next. They are as unpredictable and electric as a bolt of lightning.

But with all this quirkiness, Aquarians have another layer to their persona. They have a co-ruler by the name of Saturn. This basically means that even though they insist on doing things their own way with absolute freedom, it’s far too easy for an Aquarian to become restricted by their own, self imposed limitations. Recognize this because its important .In fact, I believe it’s the key to understanding this complicated sign. While it’s true that an Aquarian will never follow anyone else’s rules and will be the first to revolutionize, it’s also true that at the very same time, they are fixed and stuck – feeling somehow bound to their own, very specific and rigid set of self imposed “rules” to live by.

Let’s explore this further by considering that Aquarius is also a fixed air sign. Fixed means that they are intent on keeping things as they are and I know I just told you that Aquarius is all about being “different” so are you confused yet? Do you see the inherent schism in this sign? They must maintain their security somehow, but the only way an Aquarian can do this is by rigidly following the rules that they set because they can never find security in another person’s restrictions. It must be their own!

And remember the air. Aquarians are very intellectual signs – often living in their heads. They operate from logic and reasoning rather than from feeling. This is why they have a reputation for being so remote and distant from another person’s perspective. While it’s true that Aquarius is the sign of friendship, it’s more often the casual acquaintance and the “hello/goodbye” relationship this sign is more comfortable with rather than emotional intensity.

The reasoning capability is astounding with this sign and you will find an Aquarian rationalize the most insane behavior at times. The other side of the coin is that you will also find a vision in Aquarians that can truly be ahead of our time. So while I may joke about the eccentricity of all you Aquarians, please know it is only to illustrate your breadth.

Revolution is the name of Aquarius’ game. Anyone whose life is touched by an Aquarian will certainly be the recipient of unpredictability, innovation and constant re-orientation. But change, after all, is supposed to be a good thing. Just ask any Aquarius about the virtue of re-inventing yourself and I’m sure they’ll agree. I know my mom would.

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I’ve always been drawn to the often buried, inner realm of the human mind and the mysteries of our universe. From a young age, I also developed a love for expressing my thoughts on paper - especially the buried ones. With these interests, I was certain that I’d have a career as either a writer or a psychologist. Turns out my soul had other plans. A series of life events pulled me into astrology and I was awakened to embrace my true life direction. Today, I see how it all fits. My background in psychology and love of communication are natural compliments to a unique profession as a counseling astrologer. Go here to arrange a consultation with me.


  1. Michelle says

    I love your mother!!! I’m just like her, right down to the makeup and nail salon (However I quit going to the nail salon– they are toxic and hurt my fingers… not to mention raise their prices every other time I go!) Yes, I’m an Aquarian (latter- 13th), and can highlight several of the above notes as personal behavior (quirks). and everyone thinkgs I’m weird too. I love being me most days.!

  2. Sunday says

    LOL! I am an Aquarius and whole heartedly agree with most everything. My moon is Sadge and my Ascendant in Cancer makes me a bit more emotional. I raised 6 children (typical of my Cancer trait). However, my children still warn their friends about their “weird” mother to prepare them before any visit. I do try to go easy on them. : ]

    I’ve written some “Funny Zodiacs” that would be fitting and thought I would share the Aquarius Zodiac here. Please note that this is for pure entertainment & laughs only and not meant to offend anyone. I ask you to read it in the spirit it was written in ~*
    (Pardon the format after I pasted it)

    January 21st – February 19th

    Eccentric, Retro, Stubborn, Psychedelic, Talks to Trees,
    Humanitarian, Vintage, Loves People, Hates People, Inventive, Independent,
    Mentallylives on the planet “Elsewhere,” Understands the word “Groovy.”

    Don’t waste your time and energy trying to figure out an Aquarian. They defy all logic and reason. They’re not from our world and on the rare occasion they do decide to visit the rest of us here, their minds are still stuck somewhere we’ve never been, nor really care to go. You’ll never understand them and they’ll never understand you. Try not to lose too much sleep over this tiny, insignificant, fact because no one else will. Aquarians are kind to everyone, cheerfully ignoring anything you have to say. Blatantly insult them and they’ll ignorantly smile right back as if your cutting remarks were transparent. You can always pick out an Aquarian in a crowd. They’re the ones dressed a bit off, the one’s trying out a new dance move they just invented, and the ones who could care less if you like it or not. You are irrelevant and simply take up space. If an Aquarian is showing brief interest in you, it’s only because you’re stranger than they are. As soon as they have siphoned and dissected every morsel of your brain, they’ll flip you off like a light switch and walk away. Chin up, my friend! Save your humiliation for another day or another sign. An aqua-air person is incapable of recognizing your emotional pain. Some even speculate if they’re capable of any human emotion at all! When it comes to companionship ~ give up now because they have no heart. “Commitment” is synonymous with “prison” and the majority would rather welcome a hardy drilling of their teeth, void of anesthesia, than commit to anyone or anything. Set your sights on an easier target, which would pretty much be anyone else, and stop wasting your time on this alienistic specie who barely speaks your language. They’ve already forgotten you by now, anyway. Wipe your tears and move on!________________________________________________________________________
    Copyright © 2010
    Arizona Sunday

  3. Shelli says

    Ah, stereotypes! As an Aquarian/Aries who’s been on this earth for a while, I can tap into an emotional intelligence that isn’t abundant out there, to help groups connect and grow. Not to say that heavy Uranian energy in a crowded 11th house doesn’t short-circuit on occasion (okay, often) with the closeness of relationships. We are hard-wired to the universe. It’s a privilege and an order to collectively raise the tide. And when we do, who cares about Eccentric? Work the Quirk!

  4. bevely says

    I am a quirky Aquarius and for some reason have had many relationships in my life with Taurus. I must provide something they don’t have and vice versa–or maybe its my Virgo Ascendent that draws me to Taurus. I think Virgo rising makes my personality even more contradictory. Maybe it’s Uranus conjunct my Ascendant and Pluto conjunct Uranus, but I am only consistent in my inconsistency. One of my Taurus friends upon learning about the masters degree I recently completed said “Oh is this yet another re-invention?” (She did not mean it as a compliment, but I am proud of my ability to re-invent and renovate within my life and was secretly flattered she should notice.) My Taurus husband offers some semblance of organization and schedule in my life–and I actually function better for it–must be Virgo that needs it more than the Aquarian in me who loves to live in the theoretical, in my head and in the ether. And yes, my child thinks I’m weird and is annoyed when I alert her to astrological aspects in her chart that are noteworthy. She is even more annoyed when I am right.

  5. t m says

    Hello everyone….February 9 is mine. I read a lot about Aquarius and other signs because I like to think this gives me an advantage on what makes people tick and sometimes it actually does!
    After reading what Marie wrote about her mother it did make me smile because I could relate to pretty much everything she said. I have re-invented my self recently because I wasn’t living true to myself. I had been living for someone else for 17 years and enough was enough! This time I know just who I want to be….me 😉 .
    When people mention a detachment we have or being unemotional I think that pertains to our logic factor. Because I can cry at the drop of a hat and i do sometimes. it might be due to my cancer ascendant tho…..they’re pretty emotional. I think in situations where someone else is emotional and it isn’t directly connected to me, we automatically switch into help mode so that’s when we detach and the logic starts up. Think about it….if your all emotional how can you think of a solution to the problem? You have to remove yourself away from the box to see what’s in the box. Now I will say I’m heavily guarded….I do not let people in easily nor do I reveal myself to quickly. I am enthusiastic about sharing all my dreams and thoughts with people but when it comes to my deepest…..that’s mine and most will never know. I’m the best friend you’ll ever have, loyal to a fault, caring, giving,would fight for you no matter what…..but if you intentionally hurt me……i will sign you off as fast as i signed you on….like a thought that never mattered.
    That’s just how we operate. We cannot,and will not,tolerate people who suck!
    I have a Gemini moon which I think is conflicting to my,personality. I can be moody, even I notice it. Between the cancer and Gemini twins…..geez. Even I don’t understand my own self at times and that’s when I have to seek solitude and think deep. I love being alone to think, it’s like I have to do it almost daily so i can figure myself out. Ahaaaa……it’s like a breeze of fresh air and I can start again.
    Now as far as commitment goes. I am very capable of committing to a person in marriage; I don’t like committing my time. It’s always been a fear of mine. It a feeling of being limited like I could be missing out on something better. I do not like confinement in any way! I went through a ton of jobs while I was growing up because I just could bear the thought of being inside four walls eight hours a day. When I was a child my mother had to tie me to the yard with rope because I would just take off……I had no fear whatsoever!! She would search everyday for me throughout the entire neighborhood …I guess she got tired of that… My older brothers and sisters to this day tell me stories of how I was so hard to contain, my nick name was wildchild ….my poor mom… I understand 😉 I don’t think I was easy for her…..the last of 6children and I think I sealed her fate. My mom is a Pisces who was born on the 29th of February….she is and always will be special…love you mom <3.
    I hope all my lovely aquarius friends out there will get some kind of enjoyment out of this. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you…..peace.

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