How to Handle Your Saturn Transits

In this comprehensive 90-minute presentation, Maria tells you everything you need to know about the planet Saturn and how to successfully navigate transits from Saturn to placements in your birth chart.

This webinar is broken down into the following sections:

– The meaning of Saturn in Astrology

– How to understand your Natal Saturn placement by sign and house

– Saturn cycles: The Saturn return, opening square, opposition and closing square

– How the overall 29-year Saturn cycle is key to analyzing transits of Saturn to birth planets

– Saturn-Sun Transits

– Saturn-Moon Transits

– Saturn-Mercury Transits

– Saturn-Venus Transits

– Saturn-Mars Transits

– Saturn conjunct a natal Angle and Saturn Transits through the Houses

– Additional tips for handling any Saturn Transit


– Real Life Astrology Examples using Maria’s Saturn Transits and corresponding events

After watching this presentation you’ll never struggle with a Saturn transit again. In fact, according to Maria, you’ll be armed with a new level of acceptance and appreciation for the planet that can give you “the biggest bang for your soul growth buck!”

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