Mars Retrograde: The Cosmic “Chill Pill.”

mars retrogradeIt’s that time again folks. Once every two years Mars, the planet that rules our motivation and ambition, turns retrograde for about a two and a half month stretch. On March 1 Mars began this retrograde phase in partnership oriented Libra and will remain back pedaling until May 19. You’ve undoubtedly read all of the warnings about Mars retrograde by now and they are, indeed accurate. Since Mars is the planet of initiation you must have a strong and direct Mars if you ever want your endeavor to succeed. This is why astrologers advise against starting vital projects during this phase.

The “oomph” factor is missing or lessened somehow when Mars is retrograde. Often, we feel a sense of frustration during Mars retrograde because we want to press forward in a certain area of our lives but feel as if our efforts to progress are futile. The Universe demands that we fortify what’s happening in that area already rather than break new ground.  As long as you remember that simple rule you’ll be fine. Mars retrograde won’t be your downfall.

If you’re ruled by Mars however, either by having the Sun or Ascendant in Aries or Scorpio, then you belong to the VIP Mars club. Mars, as our ruling planet, has a special emphasis in our lives. When this planet moves direct we’re enlivened and embroiled. We’re full of vim and vigor. When retrograde however, we are forced into a cosmic time out. The Universe doesn’t ask, but rather orders us to take a chill pill.

I, for one, am relieved.

That’s right, I said it. When Mars turns retrograde I know that for at least a few weeks I’ll have time to fully inhale and exhale.

You see, being ruled by Mars and having Mars heavily aspected in my chart (the apex of a T-square with it square Venus, conjunct Saturn, square Pluto as well as trine Jupiter) you can say that I am a high strung, always on the go person. I live this high octane existence and rarely give myself any down time. So when Mars turns retrograde every couple of years I might experience a bout of frustration if I’m trying to get something off the ground but even so, I tend to be secretly thankful. Why? Because at the very least, I can count on a BREAK!

As soon as Mars enters his cave for hibernation I feel the endless anxiety begin to lift. I realize that I’ve got time to relax. There’s an almost unhurried vibration in my energy field that is foreign to me most of the time. But it allows my “fight or flight” tendency to diminish just enough to stop, sit down and smell the roses.

During this particular retrograde in Libra it’ll call our awareness to revising our current strategy relating to how we use our energy to pursue and cultivate close partnerships. It’ll help us to stop pushing so hard and learn to let our relationships proceed organically for once, the way they’re meant to. As a result, this retrograde in particular is giving me a reprieve from any of the usual partnership anxieties. Trying to make a relationship into what it isn’t, pushing for a certain collaboration when someone isn’t ready…all of these partnership themes now have a giant “pause” button on them.

And I’m grateful. For the next couple of months, I get to simply BE in my relationships rather than try to direct them. So do you. What a refreshing change of pace! And an opportunity to learn how to truly relate.

As you can see, Mars retrograde doesn’t have to be an endless cycle of frustration. It can actually be an invitation to reduce a great deal of your everyday anxiety and frustration. So go ahead and swallow the cosmic chill pill will ya? Don’t fight it. Open wide and just say “Ahhhh.” There. That wasn’t so bad now, was it?

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